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Date CC/CO 
Project # 
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Building # 
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Work Description 
View18-0211 WO10514947N/A52Student UnionUCF FO General ContractingAdding 1/2" Lexan safety wall in opening of AV room 402B
View18-0210 17012007N/A12Mathematical Sciences BuildingKMF ArchitectsRenovate room 153 from Crystal Growth Lab to Classroom
View18-0209 19135001N/A135UCF Spectrum StadiumTBDRevise life safety plan to allow standing room only ticket sales
View18-0208 19137001N/A137Knightaide PharmacyRCG Electric LLCReplace and relocated light pole at retail 1 service area.
View18-0207 10547170N/A44Siemens Energy CenterUCF FO General ContractingSupply temp electric to varianc for wind tunnel temperature control.
View18-0206 Duke 1N/A16Facilities and Safety ETBDAdd wall install around the substation
View18-0205 19091002N/A91Engineering IIOvation ConstructionReplace experior Doors on Engineering 2 Atrium
View18-0204 OC - 0157N/A8112Innovative CenterShaffer Air, Inc.Replace existing RTU #16 with same
View18-0203 WO10529174N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BUniversity of Central FloridaChange old space into 4 new office spaces, install new lights and switched, install 3 new doors, ins...
View18-0202 18001006N/A1Millican HallMacdade Construction IncAdd a door within the general counsels suite to allow access to Office #350A
View18-0201 18120007N/A120Research 1 (R1)Ballentine Electric, Inc.Add a UPS for the support of research equipment
View18-0200 17081001N/A81Center for Multilingual Multicultural StudiesTerrito Electric IncRevise power to accommodate relocation of electrical testing work benches
View18-0199 19053002N/A53CREOL BuildingMerritt Contracting CorpInstall a lead door in an existing doorway for x-ray research
View18-0198 1715000218-000300150Public Safety BuildingJohnson Controls Fire Protection LPReplace current fire alarm system with a radio communication.
View18-0197 WO10537620N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BUniversity of Central FloridaAdd new glass door and store front, add new lights and HVAC for space. Add outlets and new ceiling g...
View18-0196 19050003N/A50UCF ArenaTBDInstall tent for the Light Up UCF event
View18-0195 18135026N/A135UCF Spectrum StadiumReliable Services Group LLCAdd two mini-split
View18-0194 OC - 0151N/A8118UCF Tower BuildingSignature Systems of FloridaInstallation of 4 card readers to four doors on 2nd floor.
View18-0193 18081006N/A81Center for Multilingual Multicultural StudiesMerritt Contracting CorpBYC 101 electrical and security upgrades
View18-0192 19050002N/A50UCF ArenaTBDBuild-out new offices spaces in the UCF Arena Convocation Corporation Office in Room 1018 and 1019.
View18-0191 10529545N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BUniversity of Central FloridaInstall new LED lights, paint floors and walls patch holes in wall
View18-0190 18120003N/A120Research 1 (R1)TBDResearch 1 Lab 326 build out.
View18-0189 18120002-1N/A120Research 1 (R1)Ballentine Electric, Inc.Replace (3) 20 amp receptacles with (3) 30 amp receptacles.
View18-0188 1812000218-000272120Research 1 (R1)TBDAdd a gas cabinet, snorkel, and PCW
View18-0187 18081004N/A81Center for Multilingual Multicultural StudiesTerrito Electric IncAdd one additional outlet and rewire existing circuit.
View18-0186 10185881N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BMechanical Services of Central Florida IncTo replace window AC unites with VRF AC system
View18-0185 UCF-578BN/A916 - SiteDowntown Central Energy Plant SiteTBDSite infrastructure design: Parcel 1 (landscape drawings only); Parcel 2 (landscape, electrical, and...
View18-0184 18137001N/A137Gringo LocoWhite Sign Company, LLCInstall illuminated sign for Gringos Locos
View18-0183 18128003N/A128Nicholson Field HouseRCG Electric LLCInstall additional power for OIA Tailgate Area
View18-0182 19903002N/A903Rosen College of HospitalityMerritt Contracting CorpRelocate parking permit machines from Main Campus to Rosen Campus
View18-0181 19079003N/A79Classroom Building IStructured Media Group IncLow-voltage access control cabling infrastructure.
View18-01808/24/2018WO10070264N/A45Business Administration IBallentine Electric, Inc.Replacement of 13 emergency lights ceiling height location at lobby of BA1
View18-0179 16038002N/A38Wayne Densch 1James B. Pirtle Construction Company, IncCap utilities, abate, demolish, and restore grade
View18-0178 16039001N/A39Wayne Densch 2James B. Pirtle Construction Company, IncCap utilities, abate, demolish, and restore grade
View18-0177 WO10518648N/A21Education Complex & GymRCG Electric LLCInstall generator docking station for connection of auxiliary generator.
View18-0176 16039001.1N/A39Wayne Densch 2RCG Electric LLCInstall new service for parking lot lighting and irrigation controller
View18-0175 18003002N/A3Utility Building 1TruNortheUpgrade and replace T-Mobile site generator
View18-0174 10473173N/A20Biological Sciences BuildingBallentine Electric, Inc.Install 3 electrical outlets in rooms: 127, 220, 327.
View18-0173 10367108N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BT & V Electrical Service, Inc.Modernize electric equipment due to age and obsolescence. Replacing breakers, panels, transformer, t...
View18-0172 18815103N/A8151Partnership 4BTBDRenovations to the interior of the building of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor
View18-01718/27/201810483750N/A4Storm Water Research LabCentral Florida Building and Inspections, LLCReplace two split system units (HVAC) AHU 1 & AHU 2
View18-0170 18048001N/A48Laboratory and Environmental SupportTBDInstall Fire Protection on roof of building #48
View18-0169 18020007N/A20Biological Sciences BuildingMerritt Contracting CorpRemove existing laminate counter and replace with epoxy top and sink. Includes new faucets and acid ...
View18-0168 OC - 015618-0002558113OTC 100-400TBDInterior renovations for UCF pressure application facility.
View18-0167 18815102N/A8151Partnership 4BRCG Electric LLCinstall outlets at 1st and 3rd floors.
View18-0166 18815202N/A8152Partnership IV-BRCG Electric LLCInstall outlets at 1st and 3rd floors.
View18-0165 1581190418-0002568119Partnership IITBDHVAC updates in P2 Telecom rooms
View18-0164 10487088N/A40Engineering IUCF FacilitiesAdd a 120V outlet in the hallway outside of room 207 for a new TV that will installed.
View18-0163 UCF - 58218-000248917Downtown Parking GarageTBDNew parking garage for Downtown Campus
View18-0162 10502770.2N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BM & J Enterprises International Inc.Replacement of air handler
View18-0161 17040006N/A40Engineering IOvation ConstructionReplace exterior doors to the building.
View18-0160 18135002N/A135UCF Spectrum StadiumTBDAdd two tension cables to the suite level seating railing.
View18-0159 18135022N/A135UCF Spectrum StadiumEnergy Air, Inc.Add two fan coils at 3rd floor of Roth Tower
View18-01589/6/2018OC - 0155N/A8102Research PavilionMacdade Construction IncInstall backing and relocated electrical outlet for new TV in room 475.
View18-0157 OC - 015418-0002418121OTC-600Gettysburg Commercial CorporationRemove existing wall between 2 rooms.
View18-0156 WO10502964N/A75Nicholson School of CommunicationBallentine Electric, Inc.Repair/Replace grounding and lightning protection at the Thermal Energy Storage Tank and pump/contro...
View18-0155 1604000918-00023940Engineering IOvation ConstructionRenovation of room 186 into collaboration space.
View18-01548/22/2018WO10475874N/A52Student UnionUCF FacilitiesRelocate existing ceiling mounted outlet of exterior corner of Suite.
View18-0153 18029002N/A29Technology Commons IIRCG Electric LLCInstall additional receptacle and data outlets for Room 225 Tech Service area.
View18-01529/10/201810515215N/A1Millican HallUniversity of Central FloridaMove quad outlet in room 315 to room 311 side of wall
View18-0151 19143001N/A143District Energy Plant (IV)Charles Perry Partners IncProvide new connections for temporary emergency generator
View18-0150 18116003N/A116Harris Corporation Engineering CenterSignature Systems of FloridaInstall and enroll exterior doors and 22 interior doors into the existing access control system
View18-0149 UCF-578BN/A916Downtown Central Energy Plant TBDParcel 1 Infrastructure - Early Site Utilities Package 1
View18-01489/10/201818811902N/A8119Partnership IIBallentine Electric, Inc.Rework existing electrical cirsuites
View18-0147 18120005N/A120Research 1 (R1)Signature Systems of FloridaInstallation of card readers - Enroll into the existing access control system, controlled access for...
View18-0146 18020004N/A20Biological Sciences BuildingSignature Systems of FloridaInstall of card readers - Enroll into the existing access control system, controlled access for door...
View18-0145 18001009N/A1Millican HallSignature Systems of FloridaEnroll 4 additional Card Readers into the existing access control system and replace 10 existing leg...
View18-0144 WO10458778N/A135UCF Spectrum StadiumJohnson Controls Fire Protection LPConduit and wire run to replace temp wire placement
View18-0143 18079002N/A79Classroom Building ISignature Systems of FloridaInstall new access control system to lock down all exterior doors
View18-0142 17002003N/A2John C. Hitt LibraryBallentine Electric, Inc.Upgrade multimedia in room 511
View18-0141 18003001N/A3Utility Building 1RCG Electric LLCInstall RF Meter for four (4) electric services
View18-0140 18072001N/A72Utility Building 2RCG Electric LLCInstall RF meter for 2 electric services.
View18-0139 18007002N/A7EJimmie A. Ferrell Student Services CommonsRCG Electric LLCInstall RF Meter for Bldg. 7E electric service.
View18-0138 18007001N/A7AJimmie A. Ferrell Student Services CommonsRCG Electric LLCInstall RF meter for Bldg. 7A electric service.
View18-01379/18/201818135014N/A135UCF Spectrum StadiumRCG Electric LLCInstall air curtains at each entrance into Catering Kitchen
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