Permit # 
Date CC/CO 
Project # 
SFM # 
Building # 
Building Name 
Work Description 
View20-0066 20105001N/A1050Lake Nona Cancer Center TBDInterior Demolition of four suites inside the Lane Nona Cancer Center
View20-0065 UCF-582N/A917Downtown Parking GarageStructured Media Group IncInstall low voltage data cabling
View20-0064 1904500620-00011945Business Administration ITBDRemodel Suite 130 into one large classroom space
ViewADA - Parking  N/AN/AMultiple locationsUCF FacilitiesConvert regular parking spaced to ADA spaces - multiple parking lots/garages around campus.
View20-0063 19006002N/A6TheatreTBDReplacement of AHU, Chilled Water Pump, Piping and Controls in Theatre Mechanical Room
View20-0062 OC - 017920-0001308155Digital Learning CenterTBDParking and landscape improvements including new parking, side walk, and landscape.
View20-0061 OC - 017820-0001168118UCF Tower BuildingFiretronics IncAdd 1-Power extender, 12-door holders, 11-smoke detectors, 11-relays.
View20-0060 OC - 017720-0001218113OTC 100-400Gettysburg Commercial CorporationEXPEDITED PERMIT - Interior Renovation
View20-0059 10877828N/A52Student UnionUniversity of Central FloridaWe will relocate the existing electrical GFCI outlet SL-A #3 from behind the wall to the Spin Scoote...
View20-0058 UCF - 575CN/A8152Partnership VThe Robins & Morton GroupInterior renovation to the 2nd floor.
View20-0057 18075005N/A75Nicholson School of CommunicationSpringer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.Re-Roof Phase 1.
View20-0056 IM-16002-3N/A915Dr. Phillips Academic CommonsStructured Media Group IncInstall low voltage data cabling **Inspections are in process under building permit # 17-0149.**
View20-0055 NC-3972-3N/A150Public Safety BuildingBallentine Electric, Inc.Bldg. 150 - relocate and add outlets in (4) IT rooms
View20-0054 10760094N/A72Utility Building 2Terry's Electric, IncInstall 1 new 100A panel for future use
View20-0053 19137003N/A137SubwayRight Hand Man, LLCRemodel
View20-00524/7/202020045006N/A45Business Administration ISignature Systems of FloridaInstall a hardwired Duress alarm system. Panic button will be installed under the reception desk in ...
View20-0051 20094002N/A94Business Administration IISignature Systems of FloridaInstall a hardwired Duress alarm system. Panic button will be installed under the desks or counters ...
View20-0050 10890317N/AN/AN/ARCG Electric LLCRoadway lighting circuitry relocation at N. Orion Blvd.
View20-0049 10890318N/AN/AN/ARCG Electric LLCRoadway lighting circuitry relocation at W. Gemini Blvd.
View20-00483/11/2020UCF 563N/A2John C. Hitt LibraryTurner Construction CompanyPlaza
View20-0047 10855030N/A8130Bennett Building 4University of Central FloridaConnect the MT-30 to an existing disconnect
View20-0046 2090200120-000107902Executive Development CenterTrane US, Inc.Replace inefficient AHU Equipment
View20-0045 WO 10312289N/A121Physical Sciences BuildingSanford Electric Co II***ON HOLD*** Extend existing receptacle circuit power from receptacle to control cabinet
View20-0044 10856160N/A52Student UnionJohnson Controls Fire Protection LPKnox Box installation.
View20-0043 20116001N/A116L3Harris Engineering CenterCreative Sign Designs, LLCRemove old sign & replace with new per approved drawings
View20-0042 10888167N/A8130Bennett Building 4UCF FacilitiesInstall a 20A 220V outlet for equipment from a panel located within the same space. This is an exist...
View20-0041 18026005N/A26BookstoreQuality Roofing IncJT Washington building complete re-roof
View20-0040 WO 10872936N/A1002UCF College of MedicineBallentine Electric, Inc.Install (3) boxes with stubs for data
View20-0039 WO # 10671735N/A903Rosen College of HospitalityOvation ConstructionReplace water heater
View20-0038 WO 10629282N/A45Business Administration IRCG Electric LLCRemove nine (9) light bollards with bases and install six (6) 10' light poled with LED heads onto co...
View20-0037 WO 10760104N/A22Print ShopRCG Electric LLCInstall new 800 amp Main Service Panel, re-feed existing panels.
View20-0036 10871090N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BRCG Electric LLCInstall 4" conduit from Bldg. 16A MDF Rm. 128 to Bldg. 16B comm Board.
View20-0035 10886158N/A52Student UnionUCF FO General ContractingRelocate the existing electrical GFCI outlet SL-A #3 from behind the wall to the Spin Scooter Chargi...
View20-0034 17016006N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BTBDNew Slab for recycle center operations
View20-0033 OC-0176N/A8155Digital Learning CenterCreative Signs, IncStandard installation of mounted sign
View20-0032 20121001N/A121Physical Sciences BuildingMechanical Services of Central Florida IncDemo and remove existing (2) exhaust air valves and duct silencers. Safe off controls and reprogram ...
View20-00313/30/202020123002N/A14Howard Phillips HallBallentine Electric, Inc.Install 110 volt circuit for existing Blue Light Phone Pedestal
View20-0030 10757384N/A402Scholarship HouseJ Newton Enterprises, Inc.Replacing frame and double hollow metal doors with vision kits at Building 402.
View20-0029 10886158N/A16Facilities and Safety DUCF FO General ContractingRelocate the existing electrical outlet and data drop outlet form the southern wall to the east wall...
View20-0028 10841245.4N/A45Business Administration IRCG Electric LLCAdd three (3) pendant light fixtures the second floor ceiling of corridor 229.
View20-0027 10625807N/A21Education Complex & GymRCG Electric LLCRelocate three (3) light pole fixtures onto UCF provided pole bases and reconnect to existing circui...
View20-00263/27/202020004001N/A4Storm Water Research LabOvation ConstructionDemo Building 4D.
View20-0025 10873719.1N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BEnergy Air, Inc.Replace existing 1.5 ton AC unite with 5 kw of heat.
View20-0024 10873135N/A22Print ShopUCF FO General ContractingInstall (5) 20a GFCI outlets on exterior of building and add lighting to storage spaces near stairs.
View20-0023 OC - 017520-0000718114Biomolecular Research AnnexFiretronics IncInstall fire alarm system.
View20-0022 OC - 0174N/A8120OTC-500Cress LLCProjector installed by OIR. Ceiling mounted receptacle in projector pan, room 134
View20-0021 10823318N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BMerritt Contracting CorpInfill existing door and relocate new door to roll-up door location at Bldg. 16B.
View20-0020 10790407N/A85Citrus HallUCF FO General ContractingInstall and feed exit light originally shown on drawing for first floor landing at east end of build...
View20-0019 20051001N/A51Visual Arts BuildingOvation ConstructionRelocate control panel and add louvers to kiln enclosure
View20-0018 20091001N/AParking Site #7,8-Parking Lots #H3, H4Chinchor Electric, Inc.Installation of parking availability power system for Parking Sites #7,8 - Parking Lots #H3, H4.
View20-0017 20091001N/AParking Site #6-Parking Lot #D2Chinchor Electric, Inc.Installation of parking availability power system for Parking Sites #6 - Parking Lots #D2.
View20-0016 20091001N/AParking Site #5-Parking Lot C3Chinchor Electric, Inc.Installation of parking availability power system for Parking Sites #5 - Parking Lots #C3.
View20-0015 20091001N/AParking Site #4-Parking Lot B9Chinchor Electric, Inc.Installation of parking availability power system for Parking Sites #4 - Parking Lots #B9.
View20-0014 20091001N/AParking Site 1,2,3- Parking Lots #B4, B5, B6Chinchor Electric, Inc.Installation of parking avilablity power system for Parking Sites #1,2,3 - Parking Lots #B4, B5, and...
View20-0013 20355001N/A355North Cell TowerAscend Wireless Networks, IncAt existing communication tower, remove/replace 3 Remote Radio units (RRUs) at antennas. Also intall...
View20-0012 WO 10756104N/A1Millican HallMerritt Contracting CorpAdd wall with door in corridor for Suite 351
View20-0011 20137001N/A137Dunkin Donuts#1 R&R Electrical AllstarAdd 1 receptacle and 1 data drop, reconnect some equipment
View20-00103/27/202020024003N/A24Creative School for Children 1George Burton Construction, Inc.Install cedar pergola (open air) on school grounds for propagation area for plans and seedlings
View20-0009 1907900820-00003879Classroom Building IRCG Electric LLCRemove existing fire alarm devices, i.e.; pull stations, speaker/strobes, smoke detectors, duct dete...
View20-0008 20906003N/A906Center for Emerging MediaMerritt Contracting CorpRefresh restroom finishes
View20-0007 10536712.720-00002313Technology Commons IMechanical Services of Central Florida IncFor AHU 1& 2, installing a (5) fire dampers and framing at Bldg. 13, Rm 210.
ViewIT-2020 ITN/AN/AMultiple locationsUCF IT TelecomBlanket permit for IT submittals.
View20-0006 19150001N/A150Public Safety BuildingTBDInstallation of maintenance bypass for existing UPS
View20-0005 20020001N/A20Biological Sciences BuildingBallentine Electric, Inc.Walk-in cooler and Autoclave units
View20-00041/31/202020080002N/A80Health & Public Affairs IBallentine Electric, Inc.Room 111 - New Workstations.
View20-0003 10739880N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BUCF FacilitiesRelocate the switch to door currently in use and the lighting occupancy sensor close to the center o...
View20-0002 19098001N/A98Classroom Building IISignature Systems of FloridaReplace existing hardware / power supply at loading dock door, add electronic kits to existing hardw...
View20-0001 20050008N/A50UCF ArenaSignature Systems of FloridaInstall (3) doors of access control with card readers and biometric readers.
View19-0447 17045005N/A45Business Administration ITBDReplacing controls for HVAC systems.
View19-0446 20915001N/A915Dr. Phillips Academic CommonsMerritt Contracting CorpInstall new water feature
View19-0445 UCF-59520-000086913Rosen / TBDBarton Malow Company2 Story; 42,000 GSF Assembly, Classroom, Office Building
View19-04441/31/202020915001N/A915Dr. Phillips Academic CommonsMerritt Contracting CorpDemo 800 sft of hardscape.
View19-0443 10760409N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BRCG Electric LLCInstall three (3) dual port electric car charging stations and one (1) 20A quad receptacle.
View19-04422/10/202020053001N/A53CREOL BuildingRCG Electric LLCInstall 60A, 208V, 1PH outlet in Lab 152 for furnace power.
View19-04411/15/202019014002N/A14Howard Phillips HallRCG Electric LLCInstall 55" monitor in Rm. 112
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