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Date CC/CO 
Project # 
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Building # 
Building Name 
Work Description 
View18-0026 17811907N/A8119Partnership IILife Safety DesignInstall Mass notification system.
View18-0025 UCF 585CN/A52Student UnionTBDBuild out of SU dining and third floor offices.
View18-0024 16093008N/A93Teaching AcademyRCG Electric LLCInstall outlet for computer cart in room 205.
View18-0023 18001004N/A1Millican HallSignature Systems of FloridaInstall 4 panic buttons.
View18-0022 18815202N/A8152Partnership IV-BRCG Electric LLCInstall two (2) 20 Amp duplex receptacles in IDF room 106.
View18-0021 10376017N/A7DJimmie A. Ferrell Student Services CommonsUniversity of Central FloridaInstall emergency shutoff for the boiler in boiler shed 309 behind building 7D.
View18-0020 10426752N/A20Biological Sciences BuildingUniversity of Central FloridaInstall emergency shutoff for the boiler in the Biology basement.
View18-0019 10350670N/A125Softball StadiumBallentine Electric, Inc.Replacement of electrical panel L2.
View18-0018 17086001N/A86Flagler HallRSS Roofing Services and SolutionsNew roof installation.
View18-0017 WO10365050N/A88Recreation & Wellness CenterUCF FacilitiesRelocate one normal power circuit from the back wall to the west end wall to the ladder rack for an ...
View18-0016 18096001N/A96Duke Energy University Welcome CenterSignature Systems of FloridaInstall 3 card readers and electrified door locking hardware on six perimeter doors.
View18-0015 10367166N/A150Public Safety BuildingUCF FacilitiesRaise the existing outlet for the monitors up to behind the monitors in room 311; relocate the outle...
View18-0014 WO10284939N/A135UCF Bright House Network StadiumUCF FacilitiesRelocate the under counter outlet in pantry room 301 to north wall in elevator lobby room 300.
View18-0013 17125002N/A125Softball StadiumWharton-Smith IncReplace bench seating with backed seating.
View18-0012 UCF 585C18-00001452Student UnionTBDBuild out of SU dining and third floor offices.
View18-0011 10271954.2N/A125Softball StadiumM & J Enterprises International Inc.Replacement of AC unit air handler and condensing unit.
View18-00102/22/201810286872N/A16Facilities and Safety A / BUCF FacilitiesProvide and install five GFCI outlets in weather proof when in use covers. (3 of the receptacles are...
View18-0009 16093007N/A93Teaching AcademyRCG Electric LLCProvide multi-media upgrades for rooms: 130, 204, and 305.
View18-0008 16903007N/A903Rosen College of HospitalityTBDMedia upgrade
View18-0007 UCF-578N/A915Dr. Phillips Academic CommonsSkanska USA Building IncTemporary Construction Trailer
View18-0006 10194066.1N/A81Center for Multilingual Multicultural StudiesReliable Services Group LLCReplacement of building chiller
View18-0005 OC - 0146N/A8120OTC-500TBDModify existing TV studio into radio studio.
View18-0004 17811105N/A8111Partnership IBallentine Electric, Inc.P1 Room 111, 114 new workstations.
View18-0003 17014003N/A14Howard Phillips HallT & V Electrical Service, Inc.MDP replacement due to age of equipment and obsolescence.
View18-0002 UCF 581.2N/A83Parking Garage CThe Robins & Morton GroupParking C1 Bus Loop install, site lighting & canopy install.
View18-0001 17053007N/A53CREOL BuildingRCG Electric LLCConvert existing L6-30R outlet to L6-20R, remove existing L6-30R outlet.
View17-0300 16012002N/A12Mathematical Sciences BuildingStructured Media Group IncUpgrade all required telecommunications infrastructure for Math & Physics Building.
View17-0299 WO1028573717-00037140Engineering ICanaveral Construction Company Inc.Renovation of storage room into ADA restroom in suite 109.
View17-0298 18054001N/A54College of Sciences BuildingSignature Systems of FloridaInstall access control on perimeter doors, time locks, and monitoring.
View17-0297 18027002N/A27Counseling and Psychological Services Signature Systems of FloridaInstall access control on perimeter doors.
View17-0296 18127004N/A127Health CenterSignature Systems of FloridaInstall access control on perimeter doors. ( 6 doors)
View17-0295 18001002N/A1Millican HallSignature Systems of FloridaInstall access control on main entrance to suite 150.
View17-0294 17811905N/A8119Partnership IIBlue Cord Design and ConstructionBuild an office space and HEC office enclosure.
View17-0293 18ZN3001N/A2John C. Hitt LibraryCanaveral Construction Company Inc.Remove / replace reflecting pond cascade auxiliary / controls within the pond vault.
View17-0292 14016002N/A2John C. Hitt LibraryRCG Electric LLCInstall RF Meter for electric service.
View17-0291 1025316717-000376305Housing Water Heater BuildingReliable Services Group LLCBoiler replacement.
View17-0290 17053005N/A53CREOL BuildingCanaveral Construction Company Inc.Replace existing rooftop ductwork only. Replace water cooled coils and motors. Above work to be perf...
View17-0289 1515400317-000102154MAE LabCharles Perry Partners IncNEXTROM machine utility connections in MMAE Building 154
View17-0288 16093003N/A93Teaching AcademyRCG Electric LLCInstall additional outlets at 1st and 2nd floor alcove study areas.
View17-0287 15036001N/A36Outdoor Study PavilionAxios Construction Services, LLC.Replace existing surface mounted lights with recessed LED lights.
View17-0286 17121015N/A121Physical Sciences BuildingSignature Systems of FloridaInstall readers on doors (4 doors).
View17-0285 OC - 014518-0000058113OTC 100-400Macdade Construction IncNew finishes in 5 existing offices and work stations area in unfinished warehouse.
View17-0284 1713500817-000356135UCF Bright House Network StadiumCharles Perry Partners IncKitchen Addition.
View17-02832/15/201817007001N/A7CJimmie A. Ferrell Student Services CommonsOvation ConstructionWiden a masonry opening, relocate a light switch and a thermostat, and install new carpet.
View17-0282 OC - 014417-0003578121OTC-600Macdade Construction IncInterior renovations for 2 new offices & 19 art studios.
View17-0281 OC - 0143N/A8120OTC-500Macdade Construction IncInterior alteration for 4 rooms: 102, 104, 110, and 127.
View17-02802/12/201817020001N/A20Biological Sciences BuildingRCG Electric LLCProvide multi-media equipment upgrade for Room 416.
View17-02792/5/201817127004N/A127Health CenterOvation ConstructionEnclose cased opening and add new door.
View17-02782/22/201810273645N/A125Softball StadiumUniversity of Central FloridaRelocate electrical outlets in Coaches and Players locker rooms.
View17-02772/5/201818087001N/A87College of Arts & HumanitiesMerritt Contracting CorpInstall two monitors in the lobby.
View17-02762/5/201817121012N/A121Physical Sciences BuildingMerritt Contracting CorpNew wall in door to create new office.
View17-0275 17099003.1N/A99Psychology BuildingRCG Electric LLCInstall duress/panic buttons in 9 offices in Suite 203.
View17-02742/5/201817099003N/A99Psychology BuildingMerritt Contracting CorpAdd one wall with door to corridor.
View17-0273 15016001N/A16Facilities and Safety CMerritt Contracting CorpRepair termite damaged mezzanine.
View17-0272 WO1038107317-000353135UCF Bright House Network StadiumSimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0271 WO1038105917-0003477HJimmie A. Ferrell Student Services CommonsSimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0270 WO10381094N/A100Burnett HouseSimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0269 WO1038108417-00034987College of Arts & HumanitiesSimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0268 WO1038107217-000352125Softball StadiumSimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0267 WO1038106617-00034827Counseling and Psychological Services SimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0266 WO1038109017-00035094Business Administration IISimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0265 WO1038129817-000354140Career Services & Experiential LearningSimplexGrinnellInstall radio communicator for monitoring of fire alarm system.
View17-0264 UCF - 563.1N/A2John C. Hitt LibraryBallentine Electric, Inc.Replacing the antiquated main distribution panels and switchgear in the existing library electrical ...
View17-026312/13/201717121014N/A121Physical Sciences BuildingRCG Electric LLCInstall L6-20R outlet in Lab 249 for new Mass Spectrometer.
View17-02622/12/201817040008N/A40Engineering IBlue Cord Design and ConstructionRenovate room 471.
View17-0261 16039001N/A39Wayne Densch 2RCG Electric LLCProvide for demo and safe- off of exist, services. Install service.
View17-0260 18308001N/A308WUCF Antenna TowerNew Tech ConstructionT-Mobile adding antennas, radios and associated equipment to existing antenna tower.
View17-0259 1705200317-00033952Student UnionTBDAdd magnetic hold opens to front doors, interconnect with fire alarm.
View17-0258 17121005N/A121Physical Sciences BuildingCharles Perry Partners IncProvide connection of additional labs to bulk Nitrogen tank.
View17-0257 18308002N/A308WUCF Antenna TowerTBDAt existing communication tower, remove 9 and replace 6 antennas and antenna mounts; install BIAS-T ...
View17-025612/11/201717091001N/A91Engineering IITerrito Electric IncProvide power to new lathe.
View17-0255 16077003N/A77Wayne Densch Sports CenterTBDModifications to existing building. See Building shell plans for Building 165, permit # 17-0254.
View17-0254 1607700317-000333165WAYNE DENSCH SPORTS CENTER ADDITION (SCA)Wharton-Smith IncConstruction of a new building shell.
View17-0253 17ZN200417-000332165WAYNE DENSCH SPORTS CENTER ADDITION (SCA)TBDConstruction of a building slab for Bldg. 165.
View17-0252 OC - 014217-0003378112Innovative CenterMacdade Construction IncAdd walls to make 2 offices, delete 1 wall to expand conference room.
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